Tuesday, September 28, 2010

True Love Goes Beyond the Grave

Heres a little picture I drew last night :) Finally got my magical drawing powers back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Jack Skellington from The Nightmare Before Christmas and Sally. True Love Goes Beyond the Grave. By Allie Bilous.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Travel Lightly

I am like smoke, never staying in one place, drifting away until I am no longer seen.
Always changing form and design. Rather impossible to capture and keep, I am like smoke.

Only to cause unhealthy addiction.

Life Boost Artists of Dubstep, Part Dos!

Come on, you couldn't possibly think I could stop it there, now could I? There are just way to many artists that deserve to be recognized for spinning the sickest dubstep in the whole world and Canada. So sit back, pop some headphones in, and read read read!
See that guy? That's Borgore, genre: Gorestep. He's so filthy, you'll have to take twenty-nine showers after listening to one of his songs. Warning, they WILL blow your mind!! So don't say I didn't warn you. Borgore usually fills his songs with ridiculously dirty lyrics, which sometimes makes the bassline less noticeable. That's why his remixes are bomb as a nuclear war plant. For example, Foes (16bit FH remix) is probably quite the most amazing song your ears will ever take in. More good songs, Love, and Nympho. When Borgore and Tomba get together, they blow up planets lightyears away O.o
Speaking of Tomba, here he be. I don't know as much about him, but he's pretty sick, he is something new! A must listen to artist of dubstep fo sho. Some of his crazy original beats include Symphony 666, (which is by far the most mind melting song ever spun), Choke on Coke, and Before I wake. These three songs have more bass than all your subwoofers put together!! You will be destroyed, 100% garuntee or your money back.
Next we have the one and only, Funtcase. I just discovered him, yesterday, but it was love at first listen. So vexed is one of the sickest beats out there. If you haven't listened to this artist, jump on it! Or else you'll die! Just kidding, or am I? When Funtcase and Datsik get down together, magic happens. Their song Brock Out made unicorns fall from the sky O.o You best believe it. I could listen to him all day, but by the time you found me I'd be melted to the ground.
Benga, our South London Dubstep, rips peoples faces off with his beats. He never fails to imppress. Let's see, theres Crunked Up, Evolution, Buzzin'. All his songs are pretty great if you ask me, but they aren't as intense as say Funtcase or Flux Pavilion. Benga is an important figure in the Dubstep community! And very nice to fall asleep to :) He WILL make your dreams trip!! You may end up wetting your bed.
The Boogaloo Crew is an absolute filthyy group that my friend Nick introduced me to last night. Their song Days Go By, is ground breaking. I do believe it caused the Earthquake in Haiti. I'll definitely be listening to them more! Another great song from them are Calling All Dancers. Days Go By is definitely a must listen to, my brain actually did fall out of my head, I had to pick it up and shove it back through my ear.
Rusko, the King! You can't leave him out, he was my gateway to the world of dubstep. His remix of Pro Nails was my driving song for a long time. This man guy has so many seriously songs, it will take you a whole day just to listen to half of em, and by that time you will be so bassed out the floor will continue to shake even after you've hit the pause button! Some great ones are Woo Boost, Mr. Chips, 2 N a Q, and Go Go Gadget. Caspa and Rusko together are so sick that they caused the plague! 

Speaking of Caspa, last on the list for today but hella not last, here he is! His beats will knock you off your rocker, and make your heart stop! They're so original it's unbelievable, you may begin hallucinating. I love his songs Where's my Money (it's filthier than Hitler's KD radio), The Terminatior, and created with Rusko alongside, (sickest beat ever dropped by this epic duo) Bread Get Bun.
So that's my list of life boost artists for today. And you know what? I'm still not done. Part tres will be posted tonight or tomorrow. Until then, much love. <3, allie.

Life Boost Artists of Dubstep

Currently the time as I am writing this is 1:51, malibu rum pineapple juice, caribou lou. LOL No, as I looked at the time it just reminded me of Tech N9ne, did that kinda rhyme? Tonight I will be talking about some indeed wicked sick artists that I've discovered over the last few weeks, months, years. Their music is my life boost.
First up, we have Flux Pavilion, under the record label Circus. He can drop some sick bass O.o Genre: dubstep, trip hop. If I had a subwoofer and I just sat in a car and listened to Flux, my brain would fall out of my head and proceed to roll around on the floor. Some of his songs I absolutely adore are Vosscilate (roksonix remix), R00R, and Normalize. All three will melt you into puddles.

Next up on the lifboost list is Bassnectar, under the record label Amorphous Music. Before I found Bassnectar, my life was incomplete. This guy has got some serious bass talent skills, they could killz. Genre: Freestyle Amorphous Music. (It's dubstep of course). Some songs of his that I found today are Blast Off, Here We Go, Bass Head (SPL remix), Amorphous Form, and my personal favorite, Cozza Frenzy (Mega-Bass remix). And let me tell you, it's mega bass for realz, they aren't lyin.

Here's another grand one!! Datsik, the sickest dub you will ever witness in the states, except he is actually Canadian which makes me want to jump off a diving board, Canadian musicians are bomb. He also has some of the most original beats you will find out there. Some great sounds from Datsik are Southpaw, Nuke Em, and Domino, which if you haven't heard, I highly suggest you listen up!

Do you indeed see this man guy right here? That's Skream, an artist I've always seen on youtube but had never actually listened to that much before. Today when I was jammin on pandora, I came across one of his songs, Oskillatah. Sickest song you'll ever witness. I listened to it like ten times. The bass line is wicked twisted. This guy, actually played a major role in developing the dubstep genre, you know. I heart this man guy.

This here, is Vaski! He is known amongst the hardest of hardcore dubsteppers, kind of unknown to people who are just getting into it, but he definitely should be listened to by everyone, because he can get down with some bass. Some of his best songs are Zombie Apocalypse, Something Special, You Wouldn't Understand, and Might Like You Better. Vaski all the way. I would marry him.

And last but hella not least, we have another somewhat on the down low artist, Druley. When I first listened to a song of his, my face hit the floor. This guy can spin! Druley's best works are Ketamine Ocean, Fail, and The Raven. When listening to Druley, keep an extra pair of pants around, because you might pee. Yes, it's just that intense. He is your bass creator. <3
Alright, well that's all the life boost artists of dubstep for tonight. There are many many more. Until then, much love. <3, allie.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

The Parade I Lead

They're always telling you, "Be a Leader, not a Follower." And all my life, I've never really been a follower. I make my own choices, I have my own views on things, and am not afraid to state my opinion, rebel against the majority. Mainstream is not my thing. I'm like one of those winding creeks that go off into one of those magic waterfall pond areas in the middle of some rainforest, in South America. O.o I feel that I'm pretty unique. The parade I lead is a fun one, fer sure. Join if you would like :) Until then, much love. <3, allie.

Smile, You Never Know Who Is Lookinggg

Here is proof that I do indeed have a smilee happy face :)

Carpe Noctem

Carpe Noctem, seize the night of course. I didn't do a very well job of Carpe Diem-ing, but there's always time to Carpe Noctem! And tonight, I am doing just that by getting ideas for what my first tattoo is going to be. I get it on my birthday, which is December seventh, Pearl Harbor Day.
So far I've been looking at pictures of japanese cherry blossom trees, I would like one going up my forearm with the words Carpe Noctem weaved into one of the branches. These pictures inspire me:
I love the tatt in this pic, I want that going up my arm lol. But can anyone tell me what the hell part of a body that is????
I like this one too, but not as much at all haha. The weird unrecognizable body part one up there is definitely my favorite.
I found this one cool too, but I still really love the first one.
Anyway, that was just kind of my little idea. It might change, I've changed my mind like ten times already. However, I really like this Carpe Noctem cherry blossom idea. :) Until then, much love. <3, allie.